BERLIN WAY OF LOVE is a documentary about love, multiculturalism and the notion of commitment as seen through the lens of contemporary life in Berlin. The German capital is widely seen as a unique city in Europe, boasting a tolerant spirit, a special energy and an exceptionally diverse cultural and creative melting-pot, which result in interesting dynamics in terms of relationships and love. Interesting? But also difficult. 

Many recent articles have attempted to tackle the subject of dating in Berlin, explaining why and how the dating scene here is seen as a difficult one. People are said to “fall in love with the city and only with the city”. 

We’ve listenned nine different stories and settings in order to try and understand the process behind finding love and maintaining a relationship in Berlin. Singles and couples alike, they have had to face or are currently facing the reality of attempting to find love in the city and wanted to share their experiences and opinions with us. 

BERLIN WAY OF LOVE does not claim to provide all the answers to the longstanding issue of finding love in Berlin, it is rather a subjective and fresh take on the subject of finding love in 2015 in this unconventional city.





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